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Instructions to enable security in the admin page of the tenten.cloud service

Step 1: Login to tenten.cloud to manage Cloud service.

Step 2: After logging into the admin page, go to the following image for "Security Configuration"

There are two security ways: configure Google Authenticator and IP login. You can use 2 ways above or you can use 1 of 2 login methods.

Method 1: Configure Google Authenticator

Step 1: Turn on / off Google Authenticator feature

Step 2: Install the software on your phone: Google Authenticator

After the installation is complete on the phone, scan the QR code on the phone (follow the picture below)

Step 3: Log out of tenten.cloud then log in again
In the first security layer we still use the login account as usual

After logging in through this step, you will go to the step to ask for authenticator credentials

Now, open the Google Authenticator app on your phone and you will have a number you enter the code displayed to log in.






So have completed the steps to install 2-layer security features.

Google Authenticator will change the password every 30 seconds. Thus, you are completely assured that accessing the links needs high security.

Method 2: Configure IP allowed access

Step 1: You need to get the public IP of your network, you can visit the following page to get the IP: https://showip.net/




Once you have your IP,  you want only that IP to be allowed to access the page tenten.cloud.

If the IP is correct you will always access, and if the IP is not correct will announce the following:

Wish you success!