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How to upload profile of the domain owner?

After registering Vietnamese domain name (.VN) or/and international domain name (.com / .net ...), within 07 days from the date of successful activation, it is necessary to update the profile of the domain owner. After this time if there is no record, the domain name will fall into a state of "Temporarily locked" (Domain name will be unusable).

I. Specific provisions on records are as follows:

  1. For the domain owner is individual entity:  Color Scan of personal ID card or Passport (with 02 sides) and Vn domain registration form with the domain owner's signature.
  1. For the domain owner is an organization:  Color Scan of Vn domain registration form with the domain owner's company seal and company representative's signature

(The records need color scan and to be uploaded directly on the admin page https://id.tenten.vn )

=> Please download VN domain registration form in  the admin page https://id.tenten.vn (See picture below)


In the admin page, select  Manage records ==> No profile yet

At the screen of list domains which has no profile yet:  Choose the domain name to update records  => Icon  Update records

After that, choose to add files (manifest), front and back images (ID card)  to upload the profile, then click Update to continue  (See picture above)

Note: Upload image size should not exceed 3MB.

After completing update, the status of the domain name profile will be changed to "Profile pending confirmation",  Our customer support will check to verify accuracy of the updated profile. If the updated profile is correct, our cs team will change the profile status to "Confimed profile".

If there is incorrect information, our customer support team will actively send email to request the owner to update again.

- Note: If you need any support, please contact us at info@tenten.vn (on our working hours GMT +7 Monday to Friday), or to kythuat@tenten.vn (24/07).

Thank you!