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How to transfer ".vn" domain name to us?

Please follow the bellowing instruction to transfer ".vn" domain name from another Registrar to us:

Step 1: You need to contact the Current Registrar to request them to "Unlock the domain" and send The Authecode of the Domain". 

Step 2: You send the Authecode and color scan file of  ".vn" domain transfer registration form" with signature and seal of the Domain Owner to our customer support email: info@tenten.vn (on our working hours) or to kythuat@tenten.vn (24/07 support). Please click here to download ".vn" domain transfer registration form (Please download form in English). 

* Please note requirements for ".vn" domain transfer registration form as belows: 
- Signature of the Representative and Organization Seal if the domain Owner is an Organization
- Signature and color scan of Personal Identity Card or Passport of The domain Owner if the domain owner is Individual.  

Step 3: We will send tranfer request to Registry and the current Registrar.
After 05 days from sending transfer request, VN domain will be automatically transfered successfully even if the current registrar does not click to accept request.  In Registry‚Äôs technical system, the current registrar has no right to deny transfer request. It is a bit different with transfer rule of international domain.

Step 4: After transfer success, we will add the succesful transferred domain to your reseller account which we provide you (https://id.tenten.vn), and inform you via email about that.

* Please note some conditions for ".vn" domain name transfer as bellows:

1. ".vn" domain name must be unlocked by the current registrar before your transfer registration. If the domain is not unlocked, it is impossible to transfer.

2. ".vn" domain can only be ordered to transfer before 30 days before its expiration date.
For example, VN domain expiration date is 2020/02/30, we can only order transfer before 2020/01/30.

3. The domain name must not be in any dispute resolution

If you have any further questions, please send email to info@tenten.vn (on our working hours) or to kythuat@tenten.vn (24/07 support).

Our customer support team will support you quickly.

Thank you.