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How to transfer domain from another supplier to TENTEN ? How does it cost ?

Step by step transfer domain to Tenten :

1. International domain :

Step 1 : Customer need to check those conditions :

  • Unlocked domain.
  • Customer has auth-info code.
  • Customer has  domain managemant email.
  • Domain has been registered or renewed for at least 60 days. 

Step 2 : Register transfer with TENTEN.

Step 3 : You will receive confirm email.( admin email in Whois domain). After you click "Agree" and the system successfully reports, a minimum of 2 days and a maximum of 2 weeks your domain name will be transferred to TENTEN.

  • If the transfer was fail :
    • Authcode is wrong.
    • Your domain has been locked during transfer.
    • You cannot receive a confirmation email, or you do not click "Agree" .
    • Accidentally click to cancel the transfer.

2. Vietnamese national domain ".vn" :

Step 1 : Complete the registration declaration that confirms the subject (Download here) . If the subject is an individual, an additional ID card is required (a scanned copy / a notarized photo).

Step 2 : Send the declaration of conversion of registrar / ID card to TENTEN by email (scanned copy) or by post.

Step 3 : Send mail domain name transer request with profile and transfer code to TENTEN send transfer request to VNNIC system.

When successfully transferred (up to 05 days after TENTEN receive dossiers and code transfer), we will send mail to you while providing customer accounts for customers login page id.tenten.vn and implement installed with the domain.

Domain transfer fee for TENTEN: When transferring the domain to TENTEN, you do not have to pay any fee, you will remain the domain name's duration and do not interrupt the website's operation.