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Websitepanel là gì? Sử dụng websitepanel để làm gì?

It's Control

WebsitePanel is a Multi-Tenant, Enterprise Hosting Automation Tool with support for Private Cloud Servers. It enables you to centralize the management of your hosting infrastructure and share resources across multiple customer accounts.
  • Save time and money spent on system management
  • Simplify deployment processes
  • Administer everything from a single interface

It's Open Source

WebsitePanel is completely customizable. You are free to develop features that benefit your business only, or the community as a whole. Likewise, you can take full advantage of contributions made by others in the WebsitePanel community.

  • Modify the platform to fit your business practices
  • Get help from the WebsitePanel community
  • Form alliances by becoming a WebsitePanel contributor

It's Free

There are no licensing fees associated with WebsitePanel, making it the most cost-effective and comprehensive control panel solution available to service providers, both small and large.
  • No per account, user or instance fees
  • Grow your business without artificial constraints
  • Offer more competitive pricing

All-In-One Management

Manage your entire hosting environment in one place. Deploy servers, create and manage users, mailboxes, websites and more… All within a single interface!
  • Faster customer turn-up
  • Less steps in setting up new services
  • Works with software you already use

Keep Ahead of the Curve

Because WebsitePanel is community driven, 
new features are introduced frequently, 
ensuring the platform’s evolution with the latest industry trends.
  • Compete on a larger scale
  • Access niche markets
  • Remain relevant

Improve Organization and Security

Because services deployed using WebsitePanel are auto-provisioned, 
you can be sure that all configuration is identical. 
This removes the vulnerability to error inherent in manual provisioning.
  • Requires less experienced staff
  • Reduce technical issues
  • Implement updates and changes more uniformly

Maximize Resource Utilization

WebsitePanel enables you to split up a single network into a segregated network, allowing users to share resources securely.
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Control sprawl
  • Focus spending where needed